Sitecore 9.3 Features

Raghu Raj T01/23/2020

Sitecore 9.3 Features

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This blog highlights a few features of Sitecore 9.3:

  • Sitecore AI
  • Sitecore SaaS

  • Horizon

  • Sitecore Forms Updated Few Fields

  • SIA(Sitecore Installation Assistant)

  • Sitecore Container Support

  • EXM Templates

1. Sitecore AI

Sitecore is about to release Sitecore AI, which is a Saas Module Called AI-as- a-service which can plug into Experience Platform from version 9.0 or higher.  The Marketers Usually faces the content crisis to solve that Sitecore AI can be very helpful by giving them Intelligent insights they need to optimize content creation and personalized experience delivery at massive scale

  • Its real-time
  • High-performance data processing
  • Analysis has the power to forecast behavior trends
  • Generate smart campaigns with minimal human guidance, yet still customize the AI to their specific use cases. As we go forward, Sitecore AI will be infused throughout the Sitecore platform and form a core element of our SaaS vision.”

Sitecore AI – Auto Personalization


  • Works with 9.x or later
  • Separate Licence
  • Running on Cloud
  • 12 million visitors, 2-3 months of Interaction Data
  • Work with rules

2. Sitecore SaaS

Sitecore is launching a SaaS digital experience management platform, which is expected to be released in April 2020. S itecore would provide the full Experience Platform hosted in Sitecore’s Managed Cloud “as a service”. However, it appears to be a brand-new product focusing on content management with its foundation version.


The new Developer Experience is in line with the JSS Headless approach and will support the use of ASP.NET Core as well as JavaScript.


Benefits of Sitecore SAAS are:

  • Easy to use
  • Configurable and
  • Extensible platform

More information about Sitecore SaaS can be found on the Sitecore SaaS FAQ page:

3. Horizon:

Horizon is the next generation editing environment, It is the most important addition to Sitecore 9.3, and the Sitecore Experience Editor will eventually be replaced. Horizon is a separate module providing a wide range of enhanced editing features including:

  • Auto-save
  • Undo / redo
  • Easier navigation
  • Drag & drop
  • In-Built Responsive(Simulator)

Horizon's concept of making everything one-click away and being able to be enabled as a module on Sitecore 9.3 involves quick page editing, strategic analysis (page output overview) and simulator preview (different device types and date selection) Horizon's first version available with basic features.

4. Sitecore 9.3 Forms

  • You can now publish a form from the forms dashboard.
  • To add file upload functionality to your forms,
  • you can now use the File upload forms element.
  • Introducing Sitecore.Context.PageMode.IsExploring
  • You can now use the Sitecore bot detection functionality to verify whether visitor is human.
  • xConnect Improvements
sitecore forms

5. Sitecore Installation Assistant (SIA)

Sitecore Installation Assistant. It’s a simple GUI that allows you to enter various parameters like the name of your site, SQL admin credentials, the port for Solr to use, etc. After entering all the various info, SIA will setup Sitecore for you.


Other Features

Solr: 2 new Connection Timeout settings:
  • Default Solr Operations
  • Performing Queries
Removing Obsoletes
  • Sitecore.Nvelocity
  • Lucene Search Provider
  • Replaced deprecated SQL data types

Media Library in Azure Blob storage
  • Sitecore stores default media objects in a Sitecore database, such as documents or images. Sitecore Blob Storage allows these files to be stored in Azure Blob Storage, reducing storage costs and increasing performance.

Sitecore Container Support
Permission Enabled Search
  • The new feature allows customers to use the Sitecore Security model to configure the security permissions for the content they want to appear in the search results. In rare instance-specific users or roles do not have the Read permissions to the item, this item might not appear in Search results for this user or role.

Renamed version of SXA with Same Sitecore version i.e, SXA 9.3 just to be with sync