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AI Engine

AI Engine image by AIEnterpriseOur AI Engine is a state machine that is capable of real-time engagement regardless of any customer touch-point. The secret sauce behind this machine is the ability to compute in real-time and output customer states, which is consumed by the automation engine to respond based on rules for any kind of customer request. Everything in real-time. 24/7.  This results in a gamut of the most productive segmentation possible and reports on affinities that you probably did not know existed.

Most solutions are bundled silos which create latency and inaccuracy, bringing down the effectiveness of your business. Plumb5 offers a perfect platform to unify your data so that accuracy in customer engagement automation is upheld and a seamless machine driven decisive system enhance your business.

Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram and the rest of Social Media

Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram image by AI EnterpriseOnce you know what segments are the most productive, investing in Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing becomes a no-brainer.  It also becomes much more productive than doing it the old way.  You know, without AI, looking at long reports and trying to guess what would work.  We have partnerships with many different Social Media apps worldwide.  We speak your language.  In some cases, we can even forecast your ROI.


Artificial Intelligence real-time segmentation

Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords expertise