You can teach an old platforms new tricks.

Modernization can be daunting but AIEnterprise has a methodical approach for mature commerce practitioners and early adaptors of enterprise eCommerce platforms. Our process is suitable for organizations that either wish to fully migrate to proven modern architectures and for those that need only update their underlying platforms.

Our approach can be either project or road map driven depending on priorities, budgets and appetites for organization change. More importantly, we align our approach with your strategy. Businesses that can quickly react to rocketing customer expectations have an advantage to those trapped in lengthy java bound development cycles. Our goal is to enable you to take a market-driven approach to on-board new or adjusting existing functionalities.

What we offer

DevOps Adoption and Optimization Services

Most mature commerce practitioners have already embraced DevOps to optimize their throughput, maximize repeatability and minimize risk. AIEnterprise can assess you processes to discover improvement. We and also put together an ROI prioritized plan to help you organization make those changes. New to DevOps? No problem our seasoned solutionists will take you through a program to help you understand and adopt without the culture shock.

       Client Severance & Service        Isolation

Often modernization begins with organization. Our solutionist can help you go headless, develop APIs and service layers and tease independent components out of complex legacy systems. If you’d like to document, preserve or replicate unique customizations to commercial packages, we can help.  Have you stumbled off the ‘Happy Path?’ Let us put together a plan to factor or defunct extensions and pay down architectural debt.

Discreet Service Design & Integration

Your business is not static and now that IT has everything in order how do you keep it that way without falling behind. AIEnterprise recommends an API first approach to extension and customization. If your vendors’ road maps are lagging behind your own, we can help you discover and integrate on-point cloud-based solutions. When you need custom functionality AIEnterprise can “serve it on the side” with a custom microservice. This approach is key to maintaining upgradability for your commercial platforms and insure the differentiator in which you invest are available to all your existing and unplanned channels.


Evaluations, Migrations and M&A Support

When it’s time to bring in a new solution AIEnterprise brings perspective. Our solutionist have been where you are; on both sides of the table, in many industries over many domains. They will work with your stakeholders to understand the intricacies of your business and lend their own expertise to facilitate your transformations.