Ensuring and endure value for the enterprise commerce leader”

Redefine Engaging Customer ExperiencesAIEnterprise Incorporated is helping retailers redefine engaging customer experiences and delivering frictionless commercial and consumer commerce solutions for manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. We specialize in automation of business processes and IT operations because this rapidly evolving market demands agility and cost optimization. Our Solutionists bring over two decades of expertise in leading commerce platforms to help our clients blend cloud and on-premise solutions, mature their DevOps, enhance engagement with machine intelligence and embrace modern architectures in a strategic and digestible fashion. AIEnterprise is perfectly suited to helping organizations using Oracle Commerce to maximize their investment value. We offer maintenance, transformation and blended programs especially tailored for legacy ATG, Endeca, and FatWire practitioners.

Customer Engagement Assessment

AIEnterprise is proud to deliver Plumb5, a platform provides personalized Omnichannel Outreach mechanisms and comprehensive analytics without the cost of a complex Big Data and Data Warehouse projects to supplement your onmi-channel customer strategy. Customer engagement automation provided by Plumb5 delivers relevant, differentiated and personalized cross-channel engagement in real-time by taking input from sensors on your web and mobile applications, POS, CMS and campaign management systems to learn intent. It also auto-classifies your clients based on their propensity to convert to help you focus your marketing spend on the greatest opportunity, all the while enriching profiles with identifying information and behavioral data. Knowing your customer is key to delivering compelling products and services at the right price point. Plumb5 uses machine learning and natural language processing to develop and enrich a single view of each customer for individual and group analysis. Its unique multi-dimensional informationmachine driven decisive system enhance your business.

Commerce Cubes

Commerce CubesWhen it’s time to add compelling new features across channels and devices, start with Commerce Cubes from AIEnterprise to accelerate your time to value, increase agility and push functionality toward the edge. Commerce Cubes are pre-engineered microsolutions that can be installed, “on the side,” to quickly integrate with your existing commerce platform instead of spending months wading through complex architecture and costly testing cycles required to extend large systems in situ. Extending you enterprise service portfolio with Commerce Cubes allows you to meet market demand for competitive features with agility. Using Commerce Cubes to jumpstart new customer flows and differentiating new features reduces the cost of innovation and prevents loss due to platform or vendor lock-in that often accompanies traditional customizations. Contact an AIEnterprise account manager today to learn more about our catalog of Commerce Cubes.

Custom Native Apps

Custom Native AppsAIEnterprise is delighted to design and develop differentiating experiences for your clientele wherever they may be. We understand that merely translating a website to a native mobile application is a missed opportunity to deliver value to your customers.  Our mobility professionals center their craft around the conversational nature of these modern interfaces, utilizing voice, text and gestures to tease out a natural yet immersive experiences on iOS and Android devices that balance function and usability, artfully. An ever-increasing portion of your customers’ lives and interactions are taking place digitally in the spaces between work and play on mobile devices connected to social platforms. Tapping into that stream with API services that augment those interactions and facilitate the transition between your brand and the major digital focal points is more important than ever. Revitalizing existing investments by creating new touchpoints will enrich the information you collect as well as the services you offer; such practices are essential to a mobility road map and our specialty. Let our team of experts help you explore missed opportunities and capitalize on unique flows for employees and customers alike.

Interface Architecture Transformation

Whether you need to retool or just need to reinvigorate, AIEnterprise has the right team to ensure your interface architecture transformation and user experience projects deliver delight and agility. We can help transpose your perfect design from antiquated MVC architectures to snappy reactive frameworks and pave the way for more immersive omnichannel experiences. Our experience architects can lay out a strategy to quickly retool or gradually evolve to the latest presentation architectures. We will deploy highly experience full-stack developers to staff your transformation or simply round out your existing team to help install and configure your favorite DXP, roll out or integrate a service bus or API management system, create and expose RESTful API for existing enterprise resources and connect web presentation in a manner that ensures agility, flexibility and longevity. Contact AIEnterprise today for your strategic presentation needs.

Road Map Development

You have plans. You want to increase productivity along with customer delight, to deliver compelling new features and services while you pay down your technical debt… but how do you get there from here? AIEnterprise can help with comprehensive studies of the current process and future priorities to derive at a prescriptive roadmap. Our commerce professionals have partnered with customers through growth, transformation and the emergence of new demand and business models. We understand the importance of financing tomorrows innovation with today’s lift and can help develop clear strategies to stage long term initiatives incremental improvements that deliver immediate value. AIEnterprise brings expertise in process management and modern technology methods to road map design because we believe how we work has a direct impact on the value of what we produce. Gradually modifying processes to drive non-functional priorities such as agility, efficiency, repeatability drive down cost and increase overall value and must be a thematic component of every structured road map.

Optimization Services

Optimization ServicesYour Oracle Commerce platform has been delivering value year after year, but are you getting all you can? Many eCommerce practitioners find themselves repeating their preparations from one season to the next without thoroughly examining opportunities to optimize. The Oracle Commerce experts at AIEnterprise can help you squeeze untapped potential from your commerce investment with a suite of services related to architectural orchestration, cache management and performance engineering.

All Points Assessment

 All Points AssessmentAIEnterprise  brings the expertise distilled from dozens of years and hundreds of ATG, Endeca and Oracle Commerce projects to bear on a suite of diagnostics, preventative and optimization services. Our holistic All Point Oracle Commerce Assessment includes structured reviews of code, architecture, performance, security, operations and deployment; perfect for Oracle Commerce Customers seeking to get the most out of their current investment. We focus on identifying pain points and opportunities to optimize to extend the lifecycle of Oracle Commerce. This service is ideal for organizations that have acquired an Oracle Commerce operation through acquisition, experienced sweeping changes in management and staffing or simply neglected regular maintenance for an extended period. Thorough inspections by trained professionals pre-purchase, prior to major planned events and at regular intervals are key components of care for all your investments. The same is require to maintain and nurture the value of your Oracle Commerce investment.