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Cloud Migration

Moving your operations to the cloud doesn’ t have to be a nebulous affair. Our Oracle Commerce experts can help you realize the oft-touted operational and financial benefits of cloud migration without abandoning your prized on-premise investment. In addition to the numerous offerings provided to augment your current commerce platform with cloud-based extensions and integrations, AIEnterprise can bring its tested methodology for deploying Oracle Commerce in a number of public clouds.


Cloud migration includes full containerization of core components and automated deployment, scaling & monitoring for Oracle Commerce, without compromising the proven architecture of this leading commerce platform. Our practitioners have years of experience deploying, optimizing, extending and integrating ATG, Endeca and Oracle Commerce. It is that experience we leveraged to overcome the challenges that have prevented others to bring Oracle Commerce to cloud with the scale and features you expect from this platform and the benefits of elasticity you should demand from cloud.

Successful migration to cloud requires the ability to develop, test, deploy, configure and monitor remotely and efficiently. These are aspects of the program that bring great value to organizations even before migrating the production system to cloud. AIEnterprise provides automation experts to ready your organization for continuous operations and improvements in scale, performance, and efficiency as they initially migrate your lower environments. This accelerates the return on investment our customers reap throughout the transformation, allowing them to leverage DevOps and increase their agility with smaller but more numerous teams utilizing development and testing environments provisioned and released on demand.

Custom Native Apps

AIEnterprise is delighted to design and develop differentiating experiences for your clientele wherever they may be. We understand that merely translating a website to a native mobile application is a missed opportunity to deliver value to your customers. Our mobility professionals center their craft around the conversational nature of these modern interfaces, utilizing voice, text and gestures to tease out a natural yet immersive experiences on iOS and Android devices, for any industry, that balance function and usability artfully.

We are eager to share insights from our extensive retail and commercial commerce experience to help you conquer challenges on the floor, in the warehouse or in transit. Our integration specialist have seen it all and provide graceful transitioning between connected and unconnected environments, as they blend your in-home, on-the-go and in-store experiences by connecting to retail systems, monitors, and emerging connected hardware.

An ever-increasing portion of your customers’ lives and interactions are taking place digitally in the spaces between work and play on mobile devices connected to social platforms. Tapping into that stream with API services that augment those interactions and facilitate the transition between your brand and the major digital focal points is more important than ever. Revitalizing existing investments by creating new touchpoints enrich the information you receive as well as the services you can offer; such practices are essential to a mobility road map and our specialty.

Interface Architecture Transformation

Whether you need to retool or just need to reinvigorate, AIEnterprise has the right team to ensure your interface architecture transformation and user experience projects deliver delight and agility. We can help transpose your perfect design from antiquated MVC architectures to snappy reactive frameworks and pave the way for more immersive omnichannel experiences.

It’ s time to face the facts; today’ s market demands interactions that span numerous domains. However, if you are using the UX tooling provided by your platform vendor, chances are it favors its strengths at the expense of other domains. You do not need to choose between Content, Commerce or CRM. Many retailers are adopting Digital Experience Platforms such as SiteCore or Adobe to provide tooling to facilitate the blending of social, transactional and informational aspects of their ideal customer experiences while others choose to truly curate their experience by orchestrating services with a dedicated front-end team. Whatever your preferred tactics, you’ ll need to go headless to truly move ahead.


Support Migration

We do this all the time. We are called to rescue projects in trouble. Our reputation in quickly taking over and deliver value is precedes us. We can do the same for you. We have a proven methodology to ensure quality and minimum disruptions.

Optimization Services

We are experts on fine tuning Performance. We can help you prepare for holiday readiness to make sure you spend your Black Friday and Cyber Monday focusing on your business and not on any down time. We can prescribe Edge caching, Stateful-to-Stateless component migration, client-side session management and performance tuning.


Our 20 years of experience gives us a superb Insight on how these platforms have evolved over the years. We can help you assess your upgrade readiness. We can even help you evaluate if you should upgrade or not, move to another platform or even build microservices around your current platform. This is of particular important as Software vendors continue to over-achieve and under-deliver on their own migrations to the Cloud.