A bond is only as strong as the commitment of the parts.
We are proud to be associated with these brands

Our partnerships allow us to scale our services in a thoughtful, value-add, customised way. It is our strategic way to adapt to the needs of very large multi – national brands and smaller businesses in emerging markets. The bottom line is, only the best of the best gets to be presented on this page.


Our team continues to grow, as our company has expanded and developed over the years. Our resources are in New York, Dallas, San Jose, Bengaluru (India) and Guayaquil, Ecuador coming up.

The legendary eCommerce brand.   2,000 online stores in 20 countries. 18 million orders transacted every year.

The award winning AI platform for Digital Commerce Marketing. Real-time engagement for your customers.  Faster time to revenue,  improved profitability for you.

Passion for the relationship between businesses and consumers. Our mission is to revolutionize that relationship by empowering brands to own the experience and market in context of customer interactions.


commercetools revolutionizes the enterprise e-commerce platform market with an API-first, cloud-based solution that reduces complexity and increases both flexibility and speed for omnichannel brands and retailers.

The prestigious Business-centric University located in the heart of one of the most cosmopolitan and financially important cities in Latin America.  We help form Digital Technology post-graduates by helping in their training and readiness for the workplace.

Oceantel S.A. is a technology company with more than 10 years of experience in the LatinAmerican market. They have been a source of integration of diverse solutions achieving value-add services for its customers.