Sitecore eXperience Accelrator

What is SXA?

SXA is a new module from Sitecore and provides a suite of ready-made, tested, proven components, templates and renderings which you can use to build a site

Some of the key features of SXA are listed below

  • Over 100+ components
  • Drag and drop design
  • Readymade templates
  • Creative Exchange
  • Sitemap XML
  • Partial Designs
  • Page Designs
  • Rendering Variants
  • JSON Data Support

Differentiating Features:

Drag and Drop Design
The Experience Editor is a great feature of Sitecore. It allows building pages in a very intuitive way. SXA enables drag and drop design for pages, and also partial designs

Ready Made Templates
SXA provides over 400 templates. Templates exist for presentation components as well as page templates. SXA follows a component-based approach. This means you can use templates without needing to make lots of page templates. If you do make new page templates, they can inherit the SXA base page template without adding any new fields. The ready-made templates allow you to set up the SXA multi-tenant structure

Why should one consider SXA?

Faster time-to-market. SXA isolates design from structure, which is why involved teams can work concurrently on design, content, coding and deployment. Such a process eliminates the need for sequential operations, which significantly improves the time-to-market.
Reduced development costs. SXA allows applying reusable renderings for CMS development, which cuts related expenses.

Enhanced brand recognition and integrity. Ready-made themes and multifold grid systems encourage brand consistency while enhancing its recognition.

When to use SXA?

  • If you are starting a new Sitecore implementation
  • If it involves Multi-Tenant/Site
  • If it is a content rich site
  • If the site has Microsites

Bottom line:

Using SXA saves time, accelerates site creation time via OOTB components, provides drag and drop facility for content authors to create pages on the fly, is based on Helix principles, provides Bootstrap/Foundation themes for modern UI development, has OOTB social media integration, provides easy management of multi-tenant/site, provides easy customization of existing OOTB components with variants.

Reach out to us and we can show you the many other benefits of Sitecore SXA.

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