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Benefits of CICD

Benefits of CICD

  • Benefits of CICD

With the advent of multiple Cloud infrastructures like GCP, AWS, Azure, and increased maturity in Configuration Management tools and Container technologies, traditional approaches to software development and delivery have undergone tremendous changes.

Manual build and release approaches and processes are prone to errors, break down, and involve delayed responses. Organizations cannot afford to focus on cost and continuous risks while neglecting Time To Market (TTM). Listed below are some of the more common issues associated with traditional, manual build and release processes:

  • Slower rate of releases and updates
  • Long Troubleshooting times
  • Applications released with defects, resulting in efficiency, stability, revenue, satisfaction, and security/audit risk
  • Limited insights into the business impact of new applications/code, slow reaction times
  • Lack of reporting on application security and compliance implications

An automated DevOps approach offers a powerful solution to these challenges. DevOps reduces time to customer feedback, increases quality, reduces risk and cost, and provides an unified and integrated approach to process, culture, people, and tools across the SDLC

Illustrated below is an example of an automated DevOps pipeline:


Key Components

The DevOps ecosystem includes a large number of processes, practices, tools, technologies, and frameworks. Based on Organization preferences, the DevOps automation involves appropriate selection and prioritization of the components involved. Some of the key areas are:

  • CI/CD: Rapid application development and delivery. It's difficult to achieve this goal without automating your Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery process
  • Software testing: Test automation tools like Selenium and Katalon make it easy to run tests automatically, increasing the thoroughness of your testing routine
  • Telemetry: Automation tools that can monitor for availability, performance or security problems and generate alerts based on them help solve the challenge involved in keeping track of all of the components of a DevOps environment
  • Log management: The amount of log data generated by DevOps environments is vast. Log management solutions help in the collection, aggregate and analysis of the data

Key Benefits

DevOps delivers a range of benefits, some of the key are listed below

  • Automating mundane, repetitive processes and tasks make them consistent and predictable
  • The ability to scale-up and tear down environments based on your need allows organizations to pay as per their usage. This translates into significant savings over on-prem solutions. In addition, the ability to automatically scale resources based on peak traffic ensures that the site is always responsive
  • DevOps hugely increases the speed at which you can build and deploy changes into Production. For example, you can build the following flow:
    • Trigger a build the moment there is a developer code commit
    • Pull the latest code from the version control system
    • Run automated unit test cases and code quality tests for code sanity
    • Build deployable artifacts the moment the sanity tests are successful
    • Trigger deployment onto staging environment
    • Automation test execution on the staging environment – especially smoke and regression
    • Promote approved code to production environment
    • sql
  • Effectively monitor all aspects of the infrastructure and solution and configure appropriate alerts
    • Application microservices
    • Backup services
    • Automation services
    • Acknowledgment services
    • Infrastructural services

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