What is so ‘Premium’ about it?

Thought Leadership. Sharp minds. Proven Expertise.

All Point Assessment

We become embedded within your team. Your plan becomes our plan Your brand becomes our brand. We can prescribe a pertinent activities like Code Reviews, Architecture Reviews, Performance Reviews, Security Reviews, Operations Reviews, etc. The results of our reviews can be used internally, shared with other partners or be used to drive projects lead by AIEnterprise. It is imperative to establish a baseline prior to starting heavy investing on the perceived‘ next thing’.

Strategy Building


What is your business? B2C? B2B? B2I? Our knowledge of the trends and realities of the market has allowed us to help many business like yours. We can help you build a strategy that matches your business goals. This even includes a business model, an ROI model (because, let’ s be frank, the CFO is going to ask) and a timeline of execution. We know you want results. In some cases, we can even help you forecast such results.

Road Map Construction


Now that you have a solid strategy, you will need a technical roadmap to follow. Do you upgrade? Do you change platforms? Do you opt for micro-services? We won’ t leave you to your own devices. We can match that strategy to the right technical roadmap. We will help you answer those questions and navigate the very fragmented market of software offerings.

Customer Engagement Assessment


Personalization, Loyalty and Outreach are not just keywords to us. We know that getting them right can make a huge difference to your bottom line and market penetration. We have offline and online tools to understand what your customers are looking for from your brand. Yes, in all channels. We can then use our award-winning AI technology to help you shape that Customer Experience. To be clear, we will match your strategy to our AI engine capabilities. This can do wonders for your segmentation and ability to respond to your customers.

Microservice Readiness Assessment


Do you need Microservices? Many Vendors will tell you ‘ Yes’ . We believe this is one of the most important trends in Digital. But there is no ‘ one size fits all’ solution. We can assess your readiness in terms of human resources, ability to scale, geographies and even hardware. We will help you build the right expectations around DevOps, API design and strategic decomposition of enterprise systems.